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We are one of the world’s UNIQUE retailers, with SIX distinct PLATFORMS.

You have chosen BIZBORG to help you explore the best that Europe has to offer. And rightly so! Our company is excited for you to look at the outstanding services and brands that we offer to suit our customers’ lifestyle and fashion needs! 

BIZBORG takes pride in offering you high-quality products and services from a wide range of independent European designers and businesses. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that with the click of a button, our customers can browse our platforms and have quick and easy access to Europe’s best of the best – and when we say the best of the best, we are referring to All our platforms.

BIZBORG strives to be all-inclusive and bring diversity to your lifestyle through fashion, design, and fabulous hospitality services. In other words, we have something for everyone: MACBELLA for ladies’ fashion and beauty, MACHOBELLO for the gents, and KIDSINGTON for the youngsters. But we don’t stop there. We also offer products and services that enhance day-to-day life and allow you to live in style – not just style – European style. These brands include HOMERIVERA for home decor, THIZZWAY for those who wish to enjoy fine European dining, luxurious stays, breathtaking sight-seeing destinations,  and other tourist needs; and last, but definitely not least, BOOZEU for the customer who desires to sample the finest wines and spirits Europe has to offer!


Discover Europe's authentical style, taste, destination, and experience


MACBELLA is a first-rate, exclusively European platform that offers stylish fashion pieces for women, and essential beauty products for an added element of luxury in day-to-day life.


MACHOBELLO presents customers with extraordinary fashion from the most trusted European designers and brands for Men. Gentlemen will be pleased to find trendy European styles from a unique and carefully curated collection of wardrobe essentials that promise to meet individual needs and fashion preferences.


KIDSINGTON is excited to provide a wide range and high-quality fashion for children, thoughtfully crafted by European best designers who know that kids want to feel stylish, too.


HOMERIVERA is an exceptional platform that allows customers to explore some of the best, unique and elegant pieces, from home decor and interior accessories to high-quality and durable glassware and furniture - it’s like taking a little bit of Europe home!


BOOZEU has made it possible for customers to sample authentic European wines and spirits without having to travel in order to get them. These unrivaled brands are produced by experts from all across Europe, who understand that you wish to serve only the finest alcoholic beverages at your table.


THIZZWAY is proud to be offering customers the wonderful opportunity of visiting some of the most breathtaking European destinations. This exciting platform has taken a “one in a lifetime experience” and turned it into something exciting, practical, and doable for everybody.

We have worked tirelessly to build a company that can bridge the gap between European businesses and you, our customers. This means that you can explore high-quality European products and experience first-class hospitality, whether you are near or far, local or international – all for the sake of enhancing your BIZBORG experience, broadening your horizons, and giving you a taste of European culture!

The fruits of our labor have proven that dreams can be made a reality, and we will never stop working to provide you with the best and most authentic European brands. At BIZBORG, we strive to enrich your lifestyle, and by uniting with some of the best designers in Europe, we can create a resource for our customers that is truly special and unique. The scope of our imagination, and our drive to provide you with high-quality products and services, knows no bounds!