BIZBORG was formed out of a love for all things European – fashion, hospitality, and more! And we have dedicated ourselves to the mission of becoming the pioneers of promoting European goods and businesses globally. We want to connect you with the best European fashion and design, top-notch culinary experiences, unforgettable hospitality – and MORE – whether you are next door, or across the pond!

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Bizborg is one of those brands that has a very simple yet powerful story. It is entwined with its continent of origin in the same way that Tom Ford is intrinsically American, Yohji Yamamoto is Japanese, and Alex Perry is Australian. When you buy from Bizborg platforms, you buy Europe, and when Bizborg sells it sells only Europe.


Bizborg is the success story that everyone loves to hear about! We are a family-owned business that is a product of the determination of a husband and wife team - Jo and Jim - whose love of all-things European led to the establishment of Bizborg Group.


Like any other “dream come true” story, Bizborg was built out of innovation during troubling times. The company roots were originally established in 2019 as a brick and mortar store under name - Macbella. COVID-19 then reared its ugly head, resulting in a discouraging economic impact, and subsequently shutting down the brick and mortar store in 2020. But difficult times call for resilience and innovation, and luckily, that’s just what we had. This kickstarted the idea for our increadible multi-platform, e-commerce company, Bizborg!


As we set out on our venture, we are committed to providing a global audience with access to an array of European designers and brands, as well as stunning destinations, hospitality services, and fine dining options. Our goal is to create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that is both enjoyable and diverse, while also offering exceptional services and opportunities