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Privacy Policy



This Privacy Statement outlines how Bizborg Group (“Bizborg Group” “we” “us” or “our”) collects, uses, processes, and shares your personal information and other information about you (your “user information”) in connection with your access to and/or use of bizborg.com and the platforms we own or control (our “Subsidiaries”)

including any content, features, services, or other offerings that Bizborg Group may provide in connection with the Site/Subsidiaries, such as email communications or newsletters that Bizborg Group may send in connection with your use of the Site/Subsidiaries. This Privacy Statement also explains your options and rights in terms of how your user information is used, accessed, corrected, or deleted. You recognize that by using the Site/subsidiaries, you accept that we will use your user information in line with this Privacy Statement. You will be prompted to give explicit and unequivocal affirmative agreement to the collection, processing, and sharing of your user information via cookies and similar technologies where required by law. The Site/subsidiaries are owned and operated by Bizborg Group.

Notice to EU/UK individuals, residents of California and Nevada, and residents of China: this Privacy Statement is intended to comply with: (1) Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union 27 April 2016 (the “GDPR”), and the UK equivalent (the “UK GDPR”), and, in line with such laws, offer the necessary protection and care with respect to the management of your user information; the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”); Nevada law; and China’s Personal Information Protection Law of PRC (“PIPL”).


We gather, utilize, and share your user information to improve, customize, and support your experience on the Site/Subsidiaries, among other things. For example, we utilize aggregated data to create content tailored to users’ preferences and to improve the Site/Subsidiaries’ overall user experience. Bizborg Group and its partners may also use your user information to tailor content and ads, provide social media features (such as the ability to share content directly to your preferred social media platform), track your preferences, analyze traffic, organize Bizborg Group events, and provide similar services and content, as detailed below. Bizborg Group respects your privacy and will not disclose any user information with any third party without your permission, save as specified in this Privacy Statement or as required by law. Please contact us using the information provided below if you have any requests, comments, or concerns concerning this Privacy Statement or your user information.


This Privacy Statement solely relates to user information that we collect or receive in connection with our Site/subsidiaries. While you may find links to other websites on the Site/subsidiaries, such as those relating to our third-party sponsors, advertisers, and other partners (e.g., our affiliate network operators), please be aware that these websites are not covered by this Privacy Statement (unless otherwise stated on such Site/subsidiaries, which may be the case if the Site/Subsidiaries are also owned and operated by Bizborg Group).

This Privacy Statement does not apply to the activities of Bizborg Group’s third-party sponsors, advertisers, and other partners (for example, our affiliate network operators) who may collect your user information while you access or use their services in connection with your use of our Site/subsidiaries (e.g., social media and sharing services). This Privacy Statement does not address the privacy and information practices of any third parties. We recommend that you read and evaluate the privacy statements of each third-party service that you use to learn more about their policies.

Please consider your actions carefully before posting anything on the internet as a general reminder. If you willingly give user information in chat rooms or bulletin boards (e.g., comments sections), others might see and utilize that information, potentially leading to unwanted communications. We are not liable for any user information you choose to post in these open forums. Please get in touch with us using the details provided below to have your user information removed from our blog or community forum. We may not be able to erase user information freely submitted by you in such forums in some situations due to legal preservation requirements or technological constraints (e.g., the data may not be searchable), in which case we will notify you.


When you use the Site/Subsidiaries, we collect information about you. You may provide information to us manually at times, or it may be gathered automatically at other times. In addition, as shown below, you may control and adjust your preferences.


Your user information may be collected, utilized, and shared in several ways using the Site/Subsidiaries. The type of user information gathered may vary, as explained below, but may include, among other things, user information that you willingly supply (for example, while creating an account or submitting registration or application, such as when signing up for a subscription or event, you may provide your contact information, social network account names, and/or professional information.), user information regarding your use of the Site/Subsidiaries is automatically gathered (for example, the stuff that you select to see), as well as user information that our third-party partners may share with us provided they have already obtained your approval or are otherwise authorized by relevant law.


Bizborg Group may collect user information (including personal information) that you submit willingly or with your consent. For example, when you register to become a member of the Site/Subsidiaries or register for a Bizborg Group-produced live event, we may ask for user information such as your email address. You may also give Bizborg Group user information in other places, such as your public profile URL and member profile page (for example, if you choose to add content to your profile pages, such as photos, videos, or other information about you and your interests), or to enter a sweepstake, contest, or promotion.

In the event that you purchase from the Site/Subsidiaries, we may need additional user information to complete the order, such as your address, phone number, and credit card information. You can also supply us with other information at this point, such as your preferred membership term or kind. If you decide to sign up for a subscription through your social media profile (see “Details that We Obtain from Third Party Sources” below for more information), social media service may supply us with limited information about you. You may provide us with this information if you sign up for subscriptions as a gift option (for example, on behalf of a friend or colleague, the gift receiver).

You can always refuse to supply the information we need. You can still view much of the Site/Subsidiaries if you refuse to provide the information we collect, but you may be unable to access some options and services. You promise to give only true, accurate, current, and complete information to Bizborg Group when you join or register as a member of the Site/Subsidiaries or provide information to Bizborg Group in any other way.


We may automatically gather certain user information from your device when visiting our Site/Subsidiaries. This information may be deemed personal data or personal information under relevant data protection legislation in some jurisdictions, including California, the European Economic Area (“EEA”), the United Kingdom (the EEA and the United Kingdom, collectively “Europe”), and China.

Your IP address, device type, unique device identifying numbers, browser type, broad geographic location (e.g., nation or city-level location), and other technical information are examples of automatically gathering user information. We may also collect information on how your device interacts with our Site/Subsidiaries, such as which pages were visited and which links were clicked.

By gathering this data, we can better identify who visits our Site/subsidiaries, where they come from, and what material on our Site/subsidiaries they find interesting. This information is used for internal analytics and to improve the quality and relevance of our Site/Subsidiaries to our users. As mentioned further below, some of this information may be acquired through cookies and other tracking technology.


A cookie is a little data file that your web browser saves to your computer’s hard disk. A cookie file can include and/or automatically gather user information, such as a user identification code or IP address, which a website can use to monitor which pages you’ve visited and how many times you’ve visited the Site/Subsidiaries. Furthermore, the information obtained from these cookies may be connected to your user information, enabling us to understand better how you use our Site/Subsidiaries or provide you with targeted advertising.

Our partners and we, in particular, utilize cookies and similar technologies on the Site/Subsidiaries for the goal of customizing and enhancing your browsing experience and the Site/Subsidiaries by:

  • delivering personalized content and adverts (see below for more information),
  • allowing social media functions,
  • protecting against spam and malware,
  • trend, traffic, and user behavior analysis,
  • managing the Site/subsidiaries, including activating paywalls for specific content as needed,
  • obtaining demographic information about our whole user base,
  • monitoring traffic and advertising data throughout the Site/subsidiaries and its affiliate sites,
  • remembering your preferences and voluntarily-submitted information,
  • carrying out location-related functions and analytics,
  • taking part in market research,
  • educate ourselves on enhancing the Site/subsidiaries and their many components.





Certain cookies are used for certain functions that are critical to the Site’s/subsidiaries’ security and navigation. Without them, Bizborg Group may be unable to offer you important Site/Subsidiaries services and features, and the Site/subsidiaries may not function as well as you or Bizborg Group would want. These cookies gather and utilize information such as your server preferences, single-session data, associated identifiers, web beacons and log files (described below), and other credential-related data.



Other cookies may be collected and processed in order to optimize your browsing experience in connection with the Site/subsidiaries (e.g., various local preference settings; which geographically-customized version of the Site/subsidiaries and related content you may prefer, e.g., Bizborg Group US, Bizborg Group Asia, Bizborg Group Europe). Social media cookies gather information about your social media usage and other data you may have submitted in connection with such usage (you may have social media cookies if you visit the Site/subsidiaries through a social media Site/subsidiaries or mobile application). If you want to update or amend your social media cookies, please go to and examine the settings on your relevant social media account (s). Analytics cookies, which supply us with data that helps Bizborg Group to better understand its users and develop the Site/subsidiaries based on what we have learned from that data, are also functional cookies.



Bizborg Group and its advertising partners (and/or their third-party analytics providers) may also use cookies on the Site/subsidiaries to customize the content and adverts you may be shown to help fund the Site/subsidiaries and better tailor your experience. Cookies are used in these advertisements to present you with tailored advertisements that may be more relevant to your interests than non-targeted advertisements. Cookies may also be used by certain Bizborg Group advertising partners to monitor or track the success of their advertising material, including native advertising content. Except in conjunction with the Site/subsidiaries or as allowed by law, Bizborg Group does not disclose user information to advertising partners.

Please go here if you want to alter your cookie choices or learn more about this practice and your ability to refuse (or opt-out of) cookies from some or all of these firms. Please be aware that if you deactivate cookie reception from our Site/subsidiaries, you may not be able to access or benefit from some elements of the Site/subsidiaries, particularly those that are meant to tailor your experience. Click here to learn more about cookies in internet advertising, including how to manage and delete them.

Most web browsers accept cookies by default. However, users can usually change their browser settings to get a warning before accepting a cookie, accept cookies only from particular Sites/subsidiaries, or refuse all cookies. If you wish to use your browser to control our cookies, please examine your browser options.


On our Site/subsidiaries, we may utilize web beacons (invisible pictures, also known as pixel tags or clear GIFs) for the purposes of recognizing users, analyzing traffic trends, identifying preferred content, and monitoring Site/Subsidiaries interaction. In order to monitor interaction with our communications, we may embed web beacons in our email messages, including newsletters (e.g., to count how many and when email communications have been opened or which links in such communications have been clicked on).

While you are on our Site/subsidiaries and elsewhere (i.e., outside of the Site/subsidiaries) where we may be acting as a third party, Bizborg Group and its partners (including advertisers, ad servers, and affiliate link e-commerce providers) may use web beacons to collect various data provided by your browser. This information is gathered in the aggregate, but it may include or be linked to other voluntarily given user information. Bizborg Group is not responsible for the privacy practices of these third parties since we do not control or have access to how they may use cookies or other tracking technologies (if you have issues with any of these third parties, we suggest you examine their respective privacy policies).


The web and ad servers of the Site/Subsidiaries keep track of a user’s IP address, browser type, and current URL request. Most webSite/Subsidiaries automatically log this information, which is always given by the user’s browser. These log files are kept in a safe location and are used to conduct internal traffic analysis on our Site/Subsidiaries.


We may obtain personal information about you from third-party sources from time to time (If you have opted to log in or link your social media with our Site/Subsidiaries, we may use data append services such as public or social graph data or social media Site/Subsidiaries.) and use it for our business or commercial purposes (for example, in order to better serve you with content or promotions). We will, however, only use this information if these third parties have your permission or are otherwise legally authorized or compelled to reveal your personal information to us.

When you use a social media login to login into our Site/Subsidiaries or purchase a product on our Site/subsidiaries, you allow that social media business permission to share some information with us. For example, if you sign in or purchase a product through Facebook or LinkedIn, you allow Facebook or LinkedIn (as applicable) permission to share your email address and some other information stored in your profile on that social networking site with us (but only if you have made this information public in your corresponding Facebook or LinkedIn profile). This will just include your full name, age range, profile photo (if relevant), and a link to your Facebook or LinkedIn page (as applicable).

When you use your Google account to log in or buy something, you’re giving Google permission to share personal data with us that you’ve made public in your Google profile. Your entire name, email address (and whether or not your email has been authenticated), age range, profile picture (if applicable), and a link to your Google profile will be shown. Suppose you use your Apple ID to log in or purchase a subscription. In that case, you give Apple permission to share your personal information with us (however, you can choose to hide your email address, and instead, Apple will create a random email address so that your personal email can stay private). This email address will be associated with your account and used to access your subscription content.

This information will be used to create a profile for your account or to allow you to purchase things. We will no longer have access to this information if you later delete the Site/subsidiaries from your Facebook or LinkedIn preferences, Google settings, or Apple ID. This will not, however, affect our ability to use the information we previously acquired when you originally set up your account (or purchased items) using that social network login, as long as we continue to use it for the purposes indicated in this Privacy Statement.


Section Overview: Our major purpose in collecting, utilizing, and sharing user information is to improve your experience on the Site/subsidiaries by improving its features, performance, and other factors. Your user information may be combined with information we automatically gather or get from third parties to better understand you and to assist the uses stated below, such as giving you more focused content and advertising. Without a good legal basis, we will not utilize your user information.


Your user information may be used for advertising purposes by Bizborg Group to promote our Site/subsidiaries, other goods or services, and third-party products and services. We utilize the analytics acquired by the technologies described above to determine which sections of our Site/subsidiaries you like based on the frequency of your visits and involvement with those areas in order to develop and present content and advertising to you that is relevant to your interests. On our Site/subsidiaries and anywhere where we may be acting as a 3rd party, we may make reasonable inferences based on your browser provided data to deliver relevant content and advertising to you. We may also target you based on reasonable regional and demographic assumptions based on your IP address.


We may send you interactive communications, such as activity notifications by subject or contributor, to the email address you submit to us to improve your experience. Only those users who have given us their express consent to receive interactive communications as part of their user profile will get them.

We may send emails to users who have specifically permitted us to send such messages as part of their user profile or where we are otherwise authorized by law, emphasizing new features, promotions, or competitions on the Site/Subsidiaries.


During your use of the Site/Subsidiaries, you may be asked to freely give some user information. If you agree, your user information may be shared with Biz Group, as well as our business partners, third-party suppliers, and service providers that help us achieve our goals. These third parties provide hosting and other services for Bizborg Group (for example, to assist with the delivery of, provide functionality on, or help to improve the security of our Site/Subsidiaries) and otherwise process user information for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement or as otherwise notified to you when we collect your user information. If you live in mainland China and would want additional information about these third parties, please contact us using the details below.

On the Site/Subsidiaries, we use third parties for a variety of business functions, including payment card processing, email services, and hosting services. When you join up for such services, we will only share your user information with the third party as is required for that service to be provided. These third parties are not allowed to use your personal information for any other reason. For example, we do not collect, store, or process any credit card information when it comes to credit card processing. You can opt not to authorize the sharing of your information by not using that particular service if you do not want your information to be shared.

Furthermore, please be advised that if you supply any user information through an advertising promotion, you are directly sending your user information to that advertiser. Similarly, according to applicable legislation, we may share some attendee user information with sponsors of our live events (e.g., attendee name, title, company name).

On our Site/Subsidiaries, we may offer you the chance to participate in competitions or surveys from time to time. We will ask for personal information such as your name and email address if you participate. Because participation in these surveys or contests is fully voluntary, you have the option of disclosing this information. In addition, this information is used to contact contest winners and provide rewards.

To conduct these surveys or contests, we may hire a third-party service provider; however, that firm will be restricted from utilizing our users’ personal information for any other reason. In addition, we will not disclose the user information you offer in a contest or survey with any third parties unless you have given us prior notice and choice.

You may be able to log in to our Site/Subsidiaries utilizing sign-in services that connect your social media login information with the Site/Subsidiaries, as mentioned above. These services will verify your identity and allow you to exchange specific user information with us, such as your name and email address, in order to pre-populate our sign-up form or subscription purchase. In addition, these services allow you to communicate information about your activity on the Site/Subsidiaries with people in your network by posting it to your profile page. The Site/Subsidiaries contain social networking elements, widgets, and/or interactive mini-programs. These features are tiny content modules that can be included on the Site/Subsidiaries (or other Site/Subsidiaries) and may gather your IP address, which page you are viewing on the Site/Subsidiaries, or establish a cookie for the feature to work correctly. Social networking tools and widgets are hosted by a third party or on the Site/Subsidiaries themselves. The companies’ privacy policies that provide these features govern your interactions with them.


We periodically employ other organizations to provide limited services, such as processing and delivering newsletter mailings, processing transactions, or undertaking statistical analysis of our services. Only the user information required to offer the service will be sent to such firms. These firms may acquire user information directly from you in some cases. You will be alerted of the external service provider’s engagement in these circumstances. In all situations, these firms are bound by agreements that oblige them to keep your user information private and prevent them from using it for any other reason.


Where we feel disclosure is necessary, Bizborg Group may release your user information to any competent law enforcement authority, regulatory, government agency, court, or other third parties:

  • In accordance with the appropriate legislation or regulation (such as to comply with a subpoena or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to conform to the edicts of the law).
  • To safeguard your own or others’ safety.
  • To investigate fraud or to comply with a court order or legal action issued on Bizborg Group.
  • To protect and defend Bizborg Group’s rights and property.

If relevant legislation demands it, we may notify you in this situation.


With your permission, Bizborg Group may share your user information with anybody else.

Visitors from Europe and China should be aware that, as stated in this Privacy Statement, Bizborg Group will not handle your user information unless there is a legal basis for doing so. As previously stated, the legal justification for collecting and utilizing your user information will be determined by the type of information and the circumstances in which it is collected.

Bizborg Group will handle your user information on the legal bases of permission, contract (if you have a contract with us that specifies that such processing is a requirement of that contract), or legal duty in general (as noted above). Suppose we ask you to supply user information to comply with a legal obligation so that we may fulfill a contract with you. In that case, we will make it appear at the time and let you know whether or not providing this information is required (as well as the possible consequences if you do not provide this user information).

In line with relevant legislation such as the GDPR, Bizorg Group may additionally handle certain user information for the other lawful reasons, provided that your privacy rights and interests do not outweigh such interests: delivering and continuing to develop and improve the Site/Subsidiaries, learning from your behavior on the Site/Subsidiaries (e.g., analyzing traffic) to better serve you and other Site/Subsidiaries, users, assisting us in the modification or enhancement of the Site/Subsidiaries and its content, receiving insight into what users like (and don’t like) about our Site/Subsidiaries or elements thereof, as well as delivering a reliable, consistent, and secure user experience in connection with the Site/Subsidiaries.


Unless you have revoked your consent or requested that we delete certain user information, we will retain your user information for as long as your account is active or as needed to provide you with the Site/Subsidiaries; and we may retain certain user information for specific legitimate interests where we have an ongoing business need (for example, relating to core Site/Subsidiaries functionalities (such as fraud prevention and account recovery), or to comply with applicable tax.

When we no longer have a legitimate business need to use your user information, we will either delete it or, if that is not possible (for example, because your personal information is stored in backup archives), we will securely store it and isolate it from further processing until deletion is possible.


Section Overview: We are concerned about the security of your user information and take suitable technological and organizational security measures (including industry-standard protections) to ensure that it is protected. The safeguards we employ are meant to provide a degree of security commensurate with the risk of processing your personal data. However, it’s crucial to remember that no data transmission via the Internet can be guaranteed to be completely safe.

Your personal information is kept on Bizborg Group servers in the United States. To protect your privacy, we employ industry-standard physical, technological, and organizational precautions to secure your user information from loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access and disclosure. We consider data to be a valuable asset that must be safeguarded against loss and illegal access. To secure such data against unauthorized access by users inside and outside the firm, we deploy a variety of security approaches. On the Internet, however, “absolute security” does not exist. If you believe your privacy has been violated, please notify us using the information below.


Section Overview: The Site/Subsidiaries is designed for individuals aged 16 and up.

Please do not provide any user information to us if you are under the age of 16 years old, including your name, address, or email address. We do not collect (and do not want to acquire) any user information from minors under the age of 16. If we discover we have obtained any user information from a child under the age of 16, we will remove such information from our database and, if applicable, terminate the account. We advise you to talk to your parent or guardian about the Site/Subsidiaries.


Section Overview: Our stance when it comes to complying with law enforcement requests for personal information disclosure.

Bizborg Group is committed to serving as a responsible data custodian and takes the safety of your personal information very seriously.

As a result, if we become aware that any law enforcement, regulatory, judicial, or governmental entity (whether voluntary or required) desires to request access to or a copy of the personal information that we possess about you (a “Request”), we pledge to the following:

(1) Before answering, we shall evaluate the request to determine that it is a genuine request filed under relevant legislation.

(2) We will only reveal personal information to the authorities if we are legally obligated to comply with the appropriate legal process.

The sole exception to these obligations is if we reasonably think (in good faith) that the immediate supply of the requested personal information in response to the Authority’s Request is required to avert imminent serious damage to any individual. In any case, we would never deliberately reveal personal information in a vast, disproportionate, or indiscriminate manner that exceeds what is required in a democratic society.

We also guarantee that, in accordance with industry best practices, we have security measures in place to safeguard your personal information from interception, including while it is in transit between our various systems and devices. This includes putting network protection in place to prevent attackers from intercepting data and encrypting your personal information while in transit to prevent attackers from reading data.


This Privacy Statement may be updated from time to time in response to new legal, technological, or commercial changes. This Privacy Statement outlines our data processing procedures for the last 12 months as of the date it was last updated. When we amend our Privacy Statement, we will take reasonable steps to notify you based on the significance of the changes. For example, suppose we make any major changes. In that case, we will tell you through email (sent to the email address indicated in your account) or a notice on this Site/Subsidiaries before the change becomes effective. We invite you to return to this page regularly to get the most up-to-date information on our privacy standards.

Note on Translated Version(s): Bizborg Group may make translated versions of this Privacy Statement accessible on the Site/Subsidiaries for your convenience. If the terms of any such translated version conflict with the terms of the English version, the English version of this Privacy Statement will prevail.


If you would like further information about our Privacy Policies, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:
Contact: Bizborg Privacy Assist
Email: privacy@bizborg.com

This policy was last updated on: 2022-05-01